The exercise side of things has never been foreign to me- I have always been active and growing up before I started training resistance training I played a lot of sports. However, treats and especially candy has always been my downfall. It was a habit that I really had to put an extreme effort into overcoming. I would easily eat a couple of bags of lollies per day; to be honest most of my calories probably came from sugars. We as human beings are unfortunately designed to love all high-energy foods so I am sure a lot of you are in this position- whatever your bad food raving may be!

Sugar, shown to be more addictive than cocaine, 3 is not an easy thing to cut down on.  For the first few weeks of cutting down on sugar I was cranky all the time and would snap at the slightest thing. Believe me; it does get easier with time.

Here are my 5 tips on how to overcome, or at least deal with, your bad food cravings:


1.Those bad foods are a BAD HABIT! Break the chain!

For me, I found that being in a different environment was a helpful way to start the change for the better as you are out of your normal routines anyways. The first week of my changed lifestyle I was on a holiday and this helped me personally. You may relate to that holiday state of mind; you don’t crave as much bad stuff as you are busy exploring and enjoying the days- then when you get back, make new habits!


2.REPLACE the bad with a healthy treat!

When you are hungry your body is actually asking for NUTRIENTS, not CALORIES. Every time you feel like eating your bad foods- you are most likely a bit hungry. Always have healthy treats and good snack meals accessible. Some ideas are carrots and a beautiful hummus dip, a piece of fruit, berries, some nuts or as an evening snack; cottage cheese.



Drinking a glass of water when you crave something will make you feel fuller and help you stay dedicated. Plus, drinking more water has so many amazing health benefits, including assisting you with your weight loss- so make sure you put an effort in your water consumption.


4.Eat many small meals rather than fewer large ones

Eating often will help keep full throughout the day and having your meals planned/prepared will help you to not turn to those easy accessible bad foods. Meal frequency will not influence your goals per se- if you other ways stick to your calorie and macro plan having 3 or 8 meals per day will not make a big difference- however, if you love to snack it might be a great idea to try smaller, more frequent meals.


5.Have a weekly CHEAT MEAL

Here comes the fun part! You still get to eat all your favourite foods! Plan your cheat meal each week- both the day and time of that specific day. Get the exact foods you have been craving the most and enjoy! This is something that really helps me to keep me to my healthy foods for other days and meals.

Cheat meals also have other benefits…having that large hit of calories all of a sudden will shock your body and help you boost your body’s fat burning hormone (Leptin) that all of a sudden has to do some extra work again! If you just continuously eat your healthy small meals your leptin levels will actually drop and adjust themselves to that lower level. Not that we really need a scientific explanation to why we need a cheat meal haha :D


I hope you find my hints helpful! Comment your thoughts below!

Camilla xx

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