I had the pleasure of meeting fellow online coach Pascal Rostetter over in Europe a couple of weeks ago for an interview about fitness, goals and his business. Had such a great time getting to know Pascal and loved hearing his story! Enjoy the read!


Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself with us all Pascal! Tell me who you are and what it is you do?

Hi, thanks for having me! My name is Pascal Rostetter, I am 24 years old and living in South Germany. I finished my Bachelor in Business Administration in May and I have been working since 2015 fulltime as online fitness coach.


Well done! Well it's clear you love your training! When did you start training and what was the reason for getting in to it?

After finishing High School in 2010 I moved to Munich. At th is time, I partied a lot, ate whatever was in the fridge and didnt care much about sports. After I gained 10 lbs in two months and weighing almost 200lbs I decided that something has to change. So I signed up in a Gym and started to work out. Additionally, I started to learn about nutrition, switched my diet and implemented healthy habits in my daily routine.


Amazing to hear that you transformed your body and lifestyle like that! You are in amazing shape- what would you recommend for other to do to get in the shape you are in?

Thanks Camilla! For me, there are three key factors to get and stay in shape: Motivation, Nutrition and Training. You have to work constantly on your goals and therefore stay motivated, try to eat healthy and work out hard. Track your progress and stick to a diet plan – then you will see results quickly!


Abs are made in the kitchen right! Can you briefly explain your diet?

I tried a lot from fastening for 16 hours each day (IM) to low carb and ketogenic diet. It all didnt work out for me. Since four years I am eating according to the High Carb Low Fat Principle, which allows me to eat lots of carbohydrates and protein so that I have enough strength for my intense workouts. This form of diet is the one I advise my online clients as wel l. After switching my diet, the results were amazing! I got leaner, stronger and felt much better. So I can advise everybody to switch to HCLF as I did.


So you are doing online coaching...Tell me more about your online coaching program and what you offer to clients online?

Yes, I am doing online coaching as well. My Program is called the #3PhasenProgramm (3 Phase Program) which includes different diet plans tailored to my clients daily calorie intake, three workout plans, lots of tricks and advises and unlimited support via our community. With this program I helped over 2000 clients to reach their goals successfully


How did you start your online coaching?

I started in the beginning of 2015 with tailoring diet plans for my friends. They were so happy about the progress, that more and more people wanted me to coach them. So I designed the #3PhasenProgramm according to my diet and workout routine to help them.


Well done! Congratulations on all your achievements so far Pascal! Amazing to hear how you are helping so many people! Now... I want to hear a bit more about the future- Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

My dream would be to open up my own gym to share my passion for sports and an active lifestyle face to face and not only online.

Thank you Pascal! To finish it up... we are all wondering where can we find you online?


instagram: @fitmitpascal

Snapchat: fitmitpascal

Youtube: Fitmitpascal

Facebook: Fit mit Pascal



Camilla xx


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