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As a personal trainer, online trainer and nutrition coach, continuous self-development is the key to success, and I love to continuously be learning and improving my services and becoming a better trainer and coach for my clients. I completed the “Performance Coach PT, level I & II” courses, with Clean Health Fitness Institute in October 2017, and I was blown away by this educational package.


Industry development must-do course

Performance Coach PT level I & II, really is a MUST-do educational bundle for any personal trainer! The level of these courses are really on another level. Not only was the course content phenomenal, but we had the opportunity to be taught by some of the industry’s top coaches. The founder and CEO of Clean Health Fitness Institute, and one of Australia’s top industry professionals- Mr Daine McDonald, got together a team like no other for this course. Strength coach Tony Parra from Dominican Republic, bodybuilding coach Corey Baldock from Tasmania, Hong Kong based strength and body composition Coach Kat Toong and gymnastics & calisthenics guru Sarah Bartlett shared their industry experience with us during the 5 days. 

I got so much out of the 5 days with Clean Health Fitness Institute and have taken on-board new, improved structures and systems for my clients and business. I can highly recommend CHFI and the for anyone in the fitness industry. Big thanks to Daine McDonad for putting together such a winning concept!

To give you an idea of content we went through during the course- here are a few, out of many, points we learned during the days:


#1: Neurotransmitter profiling as part of client pre-screening and programming

During the course, we went through different procedures for pre-screening clients. We learned about client neurotransmitter profile, which is an interesting concept which can help tailoring your service to the specific client. Knowing if your client is dopamine dominant, acetyl choline dominant, GABA dominant or the Serotonin dominant neurotransmitter profile, you can adjust your selling method, recommend the right supplements to that specific type of person, understand how the client will develop strength and thus personalize the program better for your client. 


#2: The eccentric phase of a contraction cause more muscle fibre tearing than the concentric phase, therefor- training styles such as strongman training, won’t give you as many DOMS as a regular weight session

There were plenty of fun facts throughout the days- just like this one! This explains why time under tension is so important during your weight training sessions and we went through how to properly program in tempo in clients training plans for fat loss, hypertrophy and strength programs.


#3: Training periodisation models for fat loss, hypertrophy and strength 

During the courses, we went in depth through different periodisation models and what type of clients perform and achieve the best results on each of the strategies. Is a linear model best for this specific client? And in what circumstances do a conjugate, undulating or concurrent program work better? Again, it was amazing to have the widely-experienced team of coaches from all around the world sharing their experience and knowledge with us.

Clean Health Fitness Institute’s “Performance Coach Personal trainer level I & II” is a development step I believe every fitness professional need to take! Go and check out when their upcoming courses are held!


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