#1: You don’t have much knowledge about good nutrition and you don’t understand how your own body works.A common problem when it comes to getting results is this lack of good information. There are so many figures and concepts thrown around in the media about health foods and super foods that it can be overwhelming. So you just 'go with the flow' and hope that you will get those results one day.

Tip: Take some time and read. Develop your mind about nutrition and health. Learn. Make sure you read good information from trusted sources- like peer reviewed articles or text books and eBooks that reference to research (see my 'BodyPower' eBook that comes as part of any plan you purchase). And talk to experts! The more you know about nutrition and how the body works the better are your chances of making informative decisions about your health and wellness.


#2: You are not eating enough.

A small salad a day and an overdose of cardio… this seems to be a common perception of what you need to do to lose weight. No no no. Getting leaner, and certainly not maintaining leanness, is NOT about not eating. It’s about eating the right nutrition in the right amounts that suits your body in its current state at that specific time, your activity level and your goal.If on a diet with too little food you may end up messing with your hormones. Thanks to evolution, as a survival instinct our bodies are designed to hold on to energy if food is scarce. Your metabolism will slow down and your hormones that tell your body to burn fat will drop. Due to hormonal changes you may also lose the ability to feel full.

Tip: Eat nutritious foods that your body responds well to and avoid skipping meals- starting your day with a 300-500 calorie breakfast will kick-start your body to burn calories for the day! Keeping your hormone profile in a healthy state is a major key for weight loss. 

#3: You are eating too many calories in relation to your body and how much you are moving around.

As you cannot see calories- it is sometimes really hard to maintain a result driven balance; it’s like walking around without a torch in the dark and you don’t really know where you will end up.Tip: Track your calories and macros for a while to get an understanding of what you put in to your body. It is a very efficient tool for you to start seeing results. You won’t need to count or measure your foods forever or all the time- but it can be a very strategic eye opener.


#4: You follow a diet that your favourite lean/ripped friend is following. Why isn't it working for you?

Guess what- There is a remarkable difference in the nutritional needs of a lean girl maintaining her figure and an overweight girl trying to lose body fat- Even if you weighed the same as her or were the same height. Why?

1) First of all- Lean Body Mass. (=Total Bodyweight minus Bodyfat)
For Example: A 56 kg woman has 30% bodyfat and a second woman weighing 56kg has 20% bodyfat. While they share the same total bodyweight, the leaner woman will have a higher calorie maintenance. That’s because she has more lean body mass than our second woman as muscle requires more energy to maintain than bodyfat.

2) Secondly- You have different goals. You are trying to lean out and should be eating slightly less calories than what you use in a day. She is maintaining and is eating calories at her estimated maintenance level, (which may be more than your estimated maintenance amount due to her body.)

Tip: Eat an amount of food based on your estimated maintenance level, activity level and goal to ensure you are moving in the right direction. Eat foods that your body respond well to and make you feel great inside out. What works for someone else might not work for you as we are all different!


  #5: You are avoiding carbohydrates and then overeating them...

Whilst a keto diet can be very effective if done right, and lowering your carbohydrate intake can aid you lose weight, cutting down on any one food group remarkably (fat-free or no-carb diets) can leave you short on nutrients that your body needs. Eating zero carbs can lead to:

1) Firstly, you feel lethargic and slow as your brain lack carbohydrates to operate normally. Studies have also shown that willpower is fuelled by the glucose you get from carbohydrates. This mean your determination to reach your goal will suffer and you are more likely to give up and start yo-yoing your weight. It’s not a sustainable approach for most people.

2) Secondly, you want to try to maintain muscle mass and eating healthy carbs can help with the maintenance:

  •  Loss of muscle lead to a slowed metabolism and excess energy is stored as fat When you return to a more sustainable diet you will easily gain back the weight you lost
  • One kg/pound of muscle mass use much more caloric energy than the same weight of fat
  • You lose strength to do daily chores- this is specifically a problem for older individuals who naturally also weaken
  •  Your workouts will suck. You are losing strength and you don’t have fuel in the tank, you are lacking muscle glycogen (carbohydrate storage) to fuel a high quality workout. 

Tip: Carbohydrates are not the enemy. Stay away from processed carbohydrates but still eat your good ones. Try and chose lots of fresh, unprocessed foods and carbohydrates that your body respond well to and make you feel great inside out.


#6: You are unmotivated and you don’t believe in your goals. People around you are unmotivated and your friends are obese 
To reach a goal- you need to believe you can achieve them and be able to visualize yourself reaching that goal. If you don’t- you are more likely to give up. Research show that having a positive attitude improves the likelihood of you reaching your goals. It speeds up the process and it makes you more resilient to handle the days that are hard.The right attitude enables the right focus and prepares you mentally for the opportunities as well as the hard work it may take to get there.

Tip: Surround yourself with people who motivate you and lift you higher. Write down your goals. Exercise with friends and stay motivated together. Make it fun. Focus on making changes for your life long-term, step by step, and creating new habits that will define that new you.



Camilla xx


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