There is no question about that spring is in the air and summer is just behind the corner here in Sydney. Bondi beach is starting to slowly fill up on those sunny warm days and events are starting to pop up in the calendar. Is your wardrobe ready for festivities coming up? See my hot fashion picks in this blog posts for making an event entry people won't forget.

How do you manage the silly season coming up? You want to maintaing your body and fitness level, is it still OK to have a nice dinner followed by a couple of wines with friends on those warm nights coming up?

I say yes. But everything in moderation. Being social is a big part of being mentally happy and mentally healthy. It is important to surround yourself with people who care for you, support you and challenging your brain with stimulating conversations with other people is so important.

Making an appearance at an event or having a night out with friends is part of a balanced lifestyle. As long as going out does not interfear with another current goal you have, having a drink or two occasionally is not the end of the world. But remember that you don't always have to drink alcohol. Swap some nights out for early morning walks or a fitness class with friends and learning to take part of social evening events without drinking is also very important. You still get to wear all your fashionable outfits and can still catch up with friends for early morning yoga. Socializing should not always be connected to alcohol.

Hot fashion picks for the season 

For those events we do attend, we need to be prepared! I have a thing for bandage clothing. It sits nicely and really shows off your figure and comes in so many colores and styles! My picks for this season is from Noodz Boutique: The "Cassie" white bandage dress styled with a loose cape and their bandage pants and top two piece.



See more styles at

And check out their instagram for more clothing must-haves;

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