Here are a few tips on how to maintain your physique whilst you are on holidays!


1. When planning the trip; Consider an Active Escape Holiday

There are many wonderfully pre-organized active holidays that will keep you on your toes, involve personal trainers and nutritionists to shape the daily activities and foods. Or you can simply do your own active escape and go hike the Himalayas (it's amazing!), track the jungles South America, go skiing/snowboarding in the Alps or go surfing in the Maldives.

For those of you that are thinking of an Active Escape- I will be the guest PT I will be the guest trainer at the International Fitness Holidays (@fitnessholidays) Bali Bootcamp trip from the 21st of February 2016 to the 27th of February 2016! You can email for more information :)


2. Explore by walking or hire a bike! 

A destination is best explored by foot! You see, feel and experience more around you! Go on hikes in the local natural habitat or walk around in the city or around local markets. Hire a bike to get around a larger area or make day trips to beautiful attractions.


3. Use the environment that you are in:

 if you are on a beach holiday, head to the water for your workouts. Try surfing, stand up paddle boarding or wakeboarding! Make sure you do something active everyday!


4. Use your hotel's gym or do laps in the pool:

Use what you have in your hotel. Swimming laps in the pool is a great way to start the day if you are a fan of water.


5. Go for morning jogs/runs and use your hotel room for express body-weight workouts:

Put your alarm on really early and go for a run or power-walk at sunrise. I have done this at several locations across the world and it's usually one of my best memories of that holiday. All you need with you is a resistance band and your own bodyweight for a challenging resistance workout!


6. Experience local gyms/ exercise classes and sports: 

There will always be local activities to join in on or even gyms to visit. It might be a unique experience taking part in a local sport, or even a familiar sport but in a new habitat. Try Yoga/Pilates in Bali, experience a Thai Boxing training session in Thailand, hit up Muscle Beach Gym in Venice Beach for a session, go Scuba Diving at the Great Barrier Reef or try Capoeira in Brazil.


7. Choose healthy eating places 

and even cook yourself or prepare a couple of your own lunches if you get a chance. I love going in to the local Supermarkets whilst overseas! It's fun to see the difference between countries and to what you are used to see on the shelved at home.


8. Eating out doesn't necessarily mean you have to eat unhealthy:

Choose healthy options and fresh produce and remember that some restaurants have very large portion sizes. Don't be afraid to not finish the plate or ask for a doggy bag for the leftovers.


9. A break from your everyday life is a great way to break a bad everyday habit: 

Looking back some years- I used to eat lots of lollies/candies every single day. It was on a holiday I broke this unhealthy habit and turned to healthier alternatives. Use this opportunity to leave your bad habits behind you and when you return home don't pick them up again.


10. Remember to not to be afraid to try new ways of exercising! 

You might be a gym junkie like me at home- but when you travel- be creative and explore new exercise methods and new routines! I don't normally go running very often at home but I tend to get in to more cardiovascular exercises while I am travelling.


11. Finally- Rest if you need to! 

Try and stay active but don't stress about missing a session you had planned to do. A break from your usual training may be beneficial for your body!


Camilla xx

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