Fitness Model Competition Preparations 2015

Coach: Oskar Sarkans




Weekly Meal Plan Shopping List




Pre-comp prep photo week 0:

Sunday 11th Jan: Legs - trained with Oskar

Workouts: week 1

Monday 12th: Back - trained with Oskar

Tuesday 13th: - Shoulders and Chest

Wednesday 14th: Arms

Thursday 15th: Rest Day

Friday 16th: Abs- trained with Oskar

Saturday 17th: Arms

Sunday 18th: Shoulders - Trained with Oskar


Update post week: 1

Did a blood type test on Monday the 12th and it came up as blood type A positive. very intrigued about the blood types, and the linkage to health and disease after doing a whole lot of reaserch on it this past week. It seems like I have naturally chosen to eat many of the recommended foods for type A blood and avoided many of the foods that the type A blood has been found to react negatively towards. This vegetarian style diet with seafood as the source of animal protein suits me perfectly already!

Click HERE to see Blood type test result card and type A dietary recommendations

Struggled a bit with all the food the first couple of days but by the end of the week I feel more adjusted to the frequent meals and find myself being more hungry. Not really a big friend of the eggs (haven't found a way to prepare them so that I would enjoy it) but eating extra fish when I don't have them.

Pre-comp prep photo week 1:

Workouts: week 2

Monday 19th: Chest - Trained with Oskar

Tuesday 20th: Legs

Wednesday 21st: Back

Thursday 22nd: Rest Day

Friday 23rd: Arms - Trained with Oskar

Saturday 24th: Abs/Shoulders?

Sunday 25th:

Update post week: 2




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