This interview with  Katharina Espinoza, the owner and designer of Femme Body activewear- shows you that reaching your goal and working for your dream doesn't always come easy- but it's worth the hard work! Follow your passion <3

"My love for living a balanced and healthy life along with loving fashion and textiles is what fuelled, motivated and inspired me to create Femme Body."

Tell us about yourself and the brand 

My name’s Katharina I’m 25 years old and have a passion for living a creative, adventurous life and being active. Femme Body is a boutique, Australian designed active wear label (manufactured offshore) with the first collection featuring nine, carefully considered pieces. This collection was not designed for a temporary fix before moving onto the next trend, but instead, I wanted to create something of quality that women could invest in and wear for more than one season. The monochrome colour palette gives longevity and versatility to its wearer with the ability to mix the pieces into your wardrobe with ease.

I also value environmental sustainability and wanted to introduce part of that within Femme Body, so in addition, some of the items are made from bamboo fibre which not only gives an incredibly luxurious feel but is also an environmentally sustainable material. The bamboo plant and fibre is known for many characteristics in relation to the environment (check out our blog to read more on why we chose this fabric) and bamboo fibre is such a soft fabric making you feel like you are wearing almost nothing at all!

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What made you decide to start the business?

When I was younger I wasn’t too much of the healthiest person by that I mean eating the wrong foods not suitable to my body and not having the best mindset about myself. I’m initially from a small country town in South Australia and moving to the Gold Coast with my family was a really big eye opener for me and I guess you could say where my active and self-love, journey really began.

I transformed my life around by changing my perspective and increasing my knowledge on what may be suitable to my body and learnt how everything truly starts in the power of your mind. At school I was passionate about textiles and design and loved the feeling I received inside of me when I would create something. I always knew that I wanted to be a designer - it was my happy place and where I would go to set my soul free, taking me to another world. That same place I feel when I go for a run and when I workout it always takes me to a new place and clears my mind.

Due to my experiences, I created Femme Body because I couldn’t find a high quality, luxury active wear brand with classic, monochromatic designs, incorporating an eco-friendly blend. It’s no secret that women wear active wear in so many more places than the gym so I designed a collection that women can and will wear anywhere while exuding luxury and style.

I was inspired by the confidence I saw in women and I wanted to ensure my collection matched and enhanced confidence. It’s no secret that when you look good and feel good in what you’re wearing, your confidence level increases. This goes well beyond feeling good when working out and I wanted my collection to boost the confidence of every woman who wore it, driving her to believe in herself and to push forward to achieve her dreams.

Was the journey always smooth? Tell me about your struggles?

The biggest struggle I learnt to deal with was time and thinking that everything would come together a lot faster than it did and in a shorter period of time. I didn’t act upon my creative journey straight away, which is something I battled within myself – Once I finished school I went to uni and completed a degree (An Associate Degree of Law (Paralegal Studies)). It was quite challenging, especially being in your early twenties and being in that transitional period of finding out who you are, my creative soul was continuously craving artistic fuel to be fed with.

I guess I felt like that was the right move to make at that time in my life. So throughout that time I would envision my dreams, brainstorm ideas, cut out pictures from magazines as to what inspired me and would converse with my best friend on everything that my heart desired, goals and what I wanted to achieve in the creative world - this was my escape from law taking me to a place free of limitations.

I’ve learned that things don’t always happen when you want or need them to. In addition to starting Femme Body, and completing uni, I have a full time job, I was sourcing, sampling fabrics and designs, learning the design process, finding a quality manufacturer, applying finishing touches – which were all taking longer to achieve than I’d planned for. But as a perfectionist, I realised that you can’t rush perfection and I wanted to achieve the level of quality my customers expect and deserve.

Either way I was determined to bring my dream to life and not take any set backs as a means of giving up and really the journey has only just begun for Femme Body and myself.

What would be your main advice for anyone with big dreams?

Always believe! Knowing the importance of believing in yourself I feel is the key - Sure it’s awesome to have that extra support around you however we all need to carry belief, faith and determination within ourselves to begin anything and keep on pushing through. Always envision your desires or goals in your mind, have patience and perserverence.

Everyone needs to remember to enjoy the ride knowing that this is YOUR journey so don’t compare, it won’t be the same as anyone else’s. TRUST your intuition, don’t look at the negatives either, see a challenge as a small bump in your road – reflect and see what you’ve learnt and how it’s assisted you to grow as a person. Look at other options around you - life throws us curveballs so we can see things from a different perspective and like fashion your perspective needs to be heightened.

What’s your website and social media platforms so we can all follow?


Instagram:  (@femmebodyactive)





Hope you enjoyed the little feature of this truly amazing, powerful and talented woman!

Camilla xx


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