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Camilla Akerberg

Nutrition For You

Nutrition For You

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Camilla Akerberg's Nutrition Program is an education Guide that will help you understand nutrition better as well as your own body. 

This almost 100 pages of valuable information on how Camilla eats and how you can eat better for your specific body. You will step by step learn to make smarter choices for long-term fitness and health results! Realising that we are all different and therefor understanding, and listening, to your own body will be the key to getting results! 

• Understanding the fundamentals of health
Set a realistic goal
• Learn about eating according to your body
• What to eat and what to eat less of
• Get an understanding of hormones that affect your body composition
• Learn how to portion size right and how to eat so you feel healthy inside out
• Learn what supplements to take to help you feel healthy and to get the most out of your workouts
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