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Camilla Akerberg

7 week in-house Content Production & Social Media Marketing Consultancy

7 week in-house Content Production & Social Media Marketing Consultancy

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Set yourself up with professional content for months. Showcase your establishment with creative video tours, photography and showcase experiences.

- You will receive 40+ REELS from your establishment. A mix of professionally filmed and edited videos of your venue, room tours, amenities and facilities as well as guest experiences such as wellness, spa or enjoying facilities as well as food and beverage videos. Videos of the venue shining on its own or using model or guests to capture special moments from above and within.

- Drone content of your venue to elevate your social media

- Hundreds of photographs of your venue capturing the venue, amenities and facilities, wellness, food and beverage and experiences.

- Photo and video creations for influencers to capture the best instagrammable moments in your establishment to use for marketing


- Consulting your team how to elevate your social media marketing strategies

- Content production planning to strategically produce media to showcase your hotel concept. Set up of content management tool if this is lacking for your company

- Instagram highlights- assisting set up and content creation showcasing the venue and experiences

- Overlooking tasks set out to the social media manager/ team 

- Feedback on how to improve posts and using content correctly/ finding content that guests are sharing

- Coaching the set-up of TikTok and how to use this platform as another avenue to attract potential guests

- Looking at ways to increase social interactions, brand awareness and organic marketing avenues


BONUS: Receive frequent posts and stories from Camilla's personal social media accounts with almost 500K viewers

* Return transport to location to be covered

*Accommodation to be covered during the contract time (within establishment or in a close proximity of venue)- Camilla will naturally create more when staying at the venue

* Hard-drive to be purchased by client where all the content will be stored 

* Weekly/ forth-nightly payments during the contract period 

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