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Camilla Akerberg

Train-from-home Toned Body Guide

Train-from-home Toned Body Guide

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Join my 6-week training program from the comfort and safety of your own home!

This workout program is based on how I train myself at home! It's perfect for women and men- actually something quite fun to do with a partner/ friend or family member as a challenge! The program is designed to help anyone who cannot get to the gym/ classes - or simply just prefer to train at home. This program has a daily step target for optimal fitness results - but due to circumstances, these may be hard to achieve and the program has therefor built in cardiovascular beneficial workouts that will raise your heart rate and burn calories.

Yoga workouts are also included with a link , if this is something you wish to practice too.

This whole - body workout plan is perfect for both beginners and those more advanced . As a beginner, you may want to stick to bodyweight variations or even do fewer reps/ perform exercises for less time. Whereas ones with a more advanced fitness level can push themselves a little harder.


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