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Camilla Akerberg

TRAIN IN THE GYM- 8 week program- Toned Body Guide

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Camilla Akerberg's 8 Week Toned Body Guide is based on how she personally train herself in the gym from week to week to keep her body strong and toned all year around.

For 8 weeks, it will be all about being active, feeling healthy inside out, becoming fitter, stronger and toning your body!

This plan will combine bodyweight exercises and working under weight load to help you achieve optimal toning results. The program is kept quite intense to help you break a sweat. You also have some lower intensity cardio added into your plan, including a daily step target. 
This whole-body workout plan is perfect for both beginners and those more advanced in the gym. It’s important to remember to ask a personal trainer or other professional for assistance in the gym if you are unsure about how to perform any of the exercises correctly.



Camilla is excited to heave you onboard her #TonedBodyGuide! You train harder when you walk into the gym with a plan!

Start Camilla Akerberg's 8 Week Toned Body Guide today!!