Traveling and being on vacation is so much fun, but sometimes it’s difficult to get to a gym. You might not find the time to travel to a gym, the hotel gym might not be extensive, or you may be staying in an AirBnB without facilities. Life is not all about always being perfect when it comes to fitness ad diet, and you need to just enjoy life sometimes- but for me it’s important to have some type of healthy balance even when I travel.

Introducing to you- Aura Eve

I have been an ambassador for the Aura Eve equipment for well over a year, and had discovered their high-quality booty bands well before that. I use my booty bands and loops as part of my weekly training sessions for glute and core activation when I am at home in Australia  (READ MORE HERE), but they also help me get me through my holiday workouts.

See their website:

Traveling with light equipment

Aura Eve booty bands and loops are light to travel with, and let you add resistance and variation to bodyweight exercises that other ways would not be as challenging. You can choose your resistance by changing between different band thickness options. And believe me- the burn and results are amazing!! Go higher rep if you feel that the exercises aren't challenging enough ;)

Booty band workout ideas

Here are a few workouts you can do with your Aura Eve Booty Bands and loops:


Camilla Akerberg

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