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My name is Camilla Akerberg and I'm an international photographer, videographer and drone pilot. I specialise in content production within the tourism & lifestyle sector. 

I have worked as a content developer within the real-estate & tourism sector; photography, videography & editing as well as management for venues & travel agencies since 2017. Before that, photography & videography was a big part of developing my personal brand. I have since a young age always been inspired to create art. I believe that we as human beings are born to create- whether that is creating art, developing ideas, building, designing or helping others to develop themselves. For me- photography & videography is my form of art. I get inspired by helping businesses define ther business concept in engaging visual media to help speak the language of their target audience.

My abilities as a visual artist out in the field shooting content and in post production, years of experience working with marketing teams in travel venues around the world, managing & developing content for venues, my expertise and education within the wellness and eco- tourism sector and being a modern day travel blogger- I am an expert at helping hotels, resorts & tourism brands by creating strategic marketing content.

Luxury Travel Accommodation

Luxury Travel Accommodation is a production company owned by Camilla Akerberg that produce creative and strategic media for hotels and other travel establishments/ travel agencies / tourism boards/ real estate agencies and concierge companies that aligns with the brands vision to capture the attention of the target audience. 

Enjoy a journey of moments captured in incredible destinations and venues as you get inspired for your next vacation.

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