Today it's one week since I had my breast augmentation surgery done in Thailand and I have touched down safely home in Sydney earlier today. I return from Thailand with great memories, newly established friendships and of course a set of new amazing boobs thanks to CosMediTour.


- 280cc size of breast implants
- Tear Drop shaped implants
- Under the muscle, endoscopic armpit insertion 


Having a breast augmentation is something i had been wanting to have done for years. My chest has been a self-conscious area for a long time that I from day to day have dealt with by wearing pushup bras under all my clothes and padding in all my bikinis. At all times. So when it came to the decision to go ahead with the surgery this year, the final call was easy. 

I never wanted to have huge boobs. I am hugely into my fitness and that would just be an extra obstacle to deal with in the gym. I didn't want that fake look or be a girl people look at and think "boobs" straight away. I just wanted to be able to chuck on a sports bra in the morning without having to make sure my pushup bra wasnt showing underneath, go to the beach without padding in my bikinis, or wear a top or a dress without a bra. I just wanted to be me.


Several friends of mine, and friends of friends  have used Cosmeditour in the past for their breast augmentation, so it was nice to have  recommendations from people i trusted. From day one the company was nothing but professional and really took the experience to that next level. They were always there for support, answering  questions, streamlining the process and making sure I was in good hands at all times. It was also amazing to hear Greg, the owner of the CosMediTour, talk about the company values and goals. Rather than just stuffing breast with implants- their main goal is to "shape beautiful breasts". And they do so by only dealing with top surgions and nurses and have amazing staff that inform their clients with the right information and prepare clients for the experience.

Thailands medical facilities was something I had heard good things of. The hospitals are home to some of the best plastic surgeons in the world. To actually experience the hospital facilities and care first hand was an eye opener though. Huge, clean facilities and the cutest Thai nurses running around and helping you with any needs.

My surgeon, Dr. Witoon , was a 70 year old Thai man with 40 years of experience in the field. He was incredible. From the moment I met him I knew I was going to be in good hands. Doing tear drop implants through the armpits is something most surgeons won't do as they don't do it well. But Dr. Witoon is a wizard when it comes to this advanced technique. I could not have imagined having a better surgeon and I can confidently recommend Thailands medical facilities to anyone.  


One week ago- the day was finally here. I arrived in the hospital in the morning with a few of the CosMediTour team members, my girlfriend Bella and we were met by CosMediTour rep Arunwan who came in to my consultation and surgery with me and was a really important support person for me in the hospital.

But it wasn't just rainbows and butterflies...

During the consultation with Dr Witoon whilst we were doing all the measurements it finally hit me. It wasnt just about coming in and then leaving with beautiful breasts- there was the whole being cut open part and having a foreign object being put into my body...
I might have had a slight moment of fainting on the initial thought of it all... and then came the tears just before the surgery. Thankfully Arunwan was there calming me down before the operation. The last thing i remember is laying on the surgery table with big bright lights above me, panicking and almost hyperventilating when a nurse placed a mask tight on my face, told me to breathe slowly and slowly started counting... "one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eeeeight...


To be honest that whole day after my surgery is a big blur of a memory. I have a vague memory of one of the nurses giving me more morphine at one point. I have a bunch of messages I can't remember sending, apparently, i had a long phone conversation with my mum (I was feeling great according to her), and a few visits in my large private hospital room which I cannot remember the conversation in. Everyone says I said I was feeling good though so Im just going to run with that 

When I woke up I was tightly bandaged up around the chest area. I had drain tubes coming out of my armpits with little balls attached to them where excess red fluid came into (totally freaky I know), a drip in my hand and I was attached to the drip machine. The first time using the bathroom I had nurses to help me. But after that I was on my feet walking around in ny room. There was a bit of pain but nothing has been unbearable.


As mentioned, today it is one week since my surgery. I stayed one night at the hospital as per procedure and was then back at my resort. I had bandages on for 4 days and pain wise my recovery has been very easy. I stopped taking pain medications on the Saturday after my surgery and was up doing things the day after surgery. Staying at Amari Resort in Phuket was so relaxing. What better way to recover than at a 5 star resort. Mouth watering food, stunning facilities, lovely staff and room service just a call away whenever I was too tired to go to one of the restaurants for dinner. Plus, the resort is located walking distance ftom Patong beach. I really cannot wait to go back hereThe only thing I found irritated my chest area was the travel back to Australia by myself. Having two bags to push around activated my chest muscles more than I had imagined, but at least I always asked for help when lifting the bags around.  


I am extremely happy with the outcome of my surgery. My new boobs are a perfect size for my body type and they look so natural- just what I wanted! I cannot thank everyone, including; Greg and the CosMediTour team, Dr Witoon, the nurses at the hospital, my girlfriend Bella, Arinuwan, Golf & Tong from the film crew, Amari Resort owners and the staff, and everyone else that made my experience so wonderful enough!


I return from Thailand with great memories, newly established friendships and of course a set of new amazing boobs. 

PICTURE 1: One day before surgery | PICTURE 2: 4 days post surgery 

Stay tuned on my blog for more about my Recovery and how I get back in to my training regime and a little post surgery recovery workout plan...





Camilla xx

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