Hot Springs in Saturnia - Tuscany's Hidden Gem

Hot Springs in Saturnia - Tuscany's Hidden Gem

Saturnia Hot Springs, known in Italian as Terme di Saturnia or Cascate del Mulino, is a hidden gem in the Tuscan countryside. Turquoise hot spring water filling natural stone pools with water steam rising from each bath. Truly a majestic sight.

I was in Tuscany when I came across photos of Saturnia hot springs. I knew I had to go. I was in Florence at the time and it was already late afternoon. But with a limited timeframe to spend in Tuscany I jumped in the car straight away so that I could get there the night before an early morning visit.

Where is Saturnia Hot Springs in Tuscany

The hot springs of Saturnia is a 3 hour drive from Florence. Click here for a link to Google Maps.

The Tuscan countryside is truly stunning to drive through and I recommend making stops along the way.

When to go

You can visit Saturnia hot springs any time of the year. Spring and autumn is the best time for a decent climate and less crowds. Time- wise, depends on how much of a morning person you are. It does get busy with people all day so if you want a quieter time, head early in the morning. I arrived in Saturnia the night before, got up at 5:30 am for a 6 am arrival- to beat the rest of the eager visitors... and to get some dope drone shots before I got into enjoying the moments of just existing there.

Saturnia hot springs is Free

There is no entry fee to go and enjoy this natural phenomenon. There is parking available and the parking is also free.

What to Take Along

Bring your swimmers, a towel, many people were wearing water shoes (I came a bit unprepared but I'm used to running around barefoot in nature haha). It was a beautiful place to splash around in for a few hours and enjoy the warm water and picturesque surrounding landscapes. You may want to bring a camera with a waterproof case or GoPro to snap some memories. And if you bring your drone along if you have one... the view from above was truly spectacular.

Happy Travels,

Camilla Akerberg

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