My top 3 Ibiza hike recommendations

My top 3 Ibiza hike recommendations

Lush green forests, turquoise clear waters, beautiful beaches and dramatic cliffs that fall into the ocean. The nature in Ibiza is diverse and truly spectacular. It's an incredible place to go hiking and exploring. Whilst most visitors spend the nights partying and the days sleeping- the ones that make it out to see more of this island are in for an awe awakening experience.

I've done so many incredible hikes in Ibiza. I truly love exploring new places and being active in nature. Below are my top 3 hikes on the island based on the beauty of nature and hiking trail. I enjoy having a bit of elevation during my hike. You can find maps for all these hikes in an app called AllTrails. Once you've downloaded the app, type in the hike name below and get exploring. I came across the App at the start of the summer and it has guided me to places I would never have found without it. When I downloaded the App they had a week free promotion that may still be on- so it's a perfect way to try out some hikes and then see if you want to keep the app or not.

1. Puig des Savinar Hike - Atlantis Beach & Es Vedra lookout

Length: 3.2 km | Time of hike: 1 hour and a half | Elegation gain: 258m

Grab your camera and swimmers along. This hike is one that certainly will show you the beauty of the Ibiza landscapes at its best. Although the actual hiking time is around one hour and a half, give yourself some time to truly enjoy the places you get to. I spent a couple hours at Atlantis beach jumping into the water and swimming in the natural pools before continuing my hike. So keep this in mind if you are low on time but want to enjoy the places.

The trail starts with a steep hike down to Atlantis beach. Atlantis beach is the nickname for Sa Pedrera. The majestic cliffs falling into the water remind you of a castle has sunk into the sea and may spark a resemblance in your imagination of the lost city of Atlantis.

From here the climb up begins. You hike up the same way you came and cross the peninsula adjacent to Atlantis to arrive at Torre des Savinar. Torre des Savinar is a viewing point of Es Vedra. The tower was constructed in 1763 to safeguard Ibiza from pirate attacks and is now a popular destination for visitors due to this incredible view.

You are now only a 10-minute walk from the main Es Vedrà viewpoint which is another beautiful spot to cross off your list of places to go during your ibiza visit.

2. Torre d'es Molar- Cala d'en Ferrer - Cala Sant Miguel

Length: 6.8 km | Time of hike: 1 hour 50 minutes | Elevation gain: 202 m

 North of Ibiza surely doesn't disappoint when it comes to incredible nature. It's my favourite side of the island.  This hike will take you through some beautiful coastal sceneries and forest areas. Keep in mind that there is no proper parking area where this hike starts, and you will have to park on the gravel road.

This hike will take you to Torre d'es Molar to begin with. Just like Torre des Savinar, this tower was constructed to safeguard Ibiza from pirate attacks. Uniquely to many other Ibiza towers, you can actually enter and climb to the top of this tower to enjoy the spectacular views.

You continue to the coastline and will come across some beautiful forest areas and beaches. Definitely wear swimmers and jump in to refresh yourself in the beautiful waters around here. Most of the elevation is at the end of the hike, which is a fun way to finish your active nature experience!

3. Siesta - Valverde

Length: 5.6 km | Time of hike: 1 hour 55 minutes | Elevation gain: 276 m

This is a really fun circular hiking route. It kicks off in the sleepy little town of Siesta and takes you through a variety of landscapes. You will enjoy a diversity of views of Ibizas beautiful coastline as well as walking through some stunning forest areas. It's a decent amount of elevation so wear comfortable shoes.

Comment below if you have done any of these hikes or planning to go. And if you have any recommendations of your own- share away 🫶🏻

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