The best photography spots in Ibiza -  they will get you exploring!

The best photography spots in Ibiza - they will get you exploring!

Ibiza certainly offers many incredible photo opportunities. Whether you are a photographer or creator shooting for a brand, or a keen traveler that want to explore all the highlights of this beautiful island whilst capturing some magical moments- enjoy below a list of my favourite photo spots in Ibiza.

1. The wooden Jetty at Cala D'hort

You haven't done Ibiza right if you haven't made your way to one or more viewing points of Es Vedra. Es Vedra is an small rocky island and an awe awakening sight on the southwest side of Ibiza. It is said to be one of the top magnetic spots in the world. There are plenty of mystical stories about Es Vedra. Whether you believe them or not, it's a photo opportunity you don't want to miss.

Cala D'hort is a stunning beach to spend the day at and the wooden jetty to the left of the beach is the perfect place to capture a true "magic of Ibiza" moment.


2. Atlantis beach

This hidden gem of Ibiza is one of my favourites. It's a steep hike to get there, but gosh it's worth it! And the hike definitely adds to the fun of exploring.

Atlantis beach is the nickname for Sa Pedrera. The majestic cliffs falling into the water remind you of a castle has sunk into the sea and may spark a resemblance in your imagination of the lost city of Atlantis.

The turquoise waters, large cliffs and natural pools make a beautiful canvas for photos. If you are a drone pilot, make sure to grab it with you. The birds eye view is truly mesmerising.


3. Torre des Savinar

Another spectacular viewpoint of Es Vedra and incredible photo opportunity is Torre des Savinar.

The tower was constructed in 1763 to safeguard Ibiza from pirate attacks and is now a popular destination for visitors. The tower can be found a 10-minute walk from the main Es Vedrà viewpoint and makes interesting picture points along the way.


4. Mirador es Vedra

Mirador es Vedra is the main Es Vedra viewpoint and displays a beautiful canvas to take some magical shots at.

5. Time and Space

Another Ibiza hidden treasure is the thought-provoking art installation created by sculptor Andrew Rogers in 2014 - called Time and Space.

The large stones are arranged to represent the solar system, with the central pillar representing the sun and the others resembling planets moving around the centrepiece. Sure makes some interesting opportunities for photos.

6. Puertas Can Soleil in Cala Llentia

A short stroll away from Time and Space you will find Puertas de Cala Llentia, also known as the doorway to nothing. 

Puertas de Can Soleil is owned by Guy Laliberté, the founder of Cirque du Soleil. He resides adjacent to the doors part of the year and they are a gift from him to the people of Ibiza. This place definitely reminds you of how magical this beautiful island is.


7. Ses Salines

Named after the salt lakes in the south of Ibiza, the beach at Las Salinas is the southernmost tip of the island. As you walk into the natural park to the left of the beach you will be met by beautiful rock formations and a number of hidden beaches. This beautiful part of the island is the perfect spot to catch some Ibiza photo moments.

8. Cueva de La Luz- The Cave of light

La Cueva de la Luz, or the cave of light in English, is one of the most secret and hard-to-get places in Ibiza. But if you love underwater photography- this is definitely the place for you.

You can only access this part of Ibiza by a long hike, or by a private or rented boat. The hike here takes about an hour and a half and is somewhat difficult, and unless you have a guide - it can be hard to find the way.

If hiking; once you have reached the cave you have two ways of getting in. One- you jump into the cave from a 6 meter cliff edge. Two- you get into the sea and swim around to the entrance (may be hard to find) and dive in through an underwater passage. You will need a bit of past experience with holding your breath as it is at a depth and a distance. An important aspect to consider: if you take the jump, there is no turning back. The only way to get out of the water is swimming through the underwater tunnel to the outer seashore. But wow, if you arrive at the right time of the day you will be met by the most incredible sight when the rays of the sun shine through the entrance of the cave above.


9. The Swing at Cala Xarraca 

The rope swing at Cala Xarraca has become an instagram photo sensation. Once arriving at Cala Xarraca beach you need to turn right and walk up the pathway and down to the adjacent beach. The rope swing is found all the way on the other side of this rocky beach.

10. The abandoned Festival Club

It feels like traveling back in time when you arrive to see this historic abandoned festival club in Ibiza. The Festival club opened in 1972. It was home to a restaurant, amphitheatre and several dance floors. It was the original superclub in Ibiza. Sadly, due to large debts, the club had to close down. The idea was to re-open it, but due to new noise-pollution legislations it never did and was left abandoned.

Nature has over time taken over and graffiti artists have made the place feel like you are walking through a mystical art journey. Its a sanctuary for explorers and photographers... and yet another place that adds to the magic of Ibiza. 

11. Pi ver de can Besoró - a magical Ibiza Tree

Pi ver de can Besoró is considered the largest pine tree on the island. I came across this incredible tree when driving back from a hike up north. Definitely worth stopping by here if you are in the area.

12. Talamanca beach rocks 

Talamanca is a laid-back neighbourhood in Ibiza town. It’s home to many hotels and seaside restaurants. The rocks next to the white sandy beach is easy to access and hence I've used the location several times when shooting for brands. Once at the beach, turn right and walk past the small boat harbour to the cliffs. Here you can find some beautiful rocky areas to sun bake and swim and it surely is a place full of photo opportunities.


I hope this blog spots inspires you to remain creative and go exploring. If you have any favourite Ibiza gems in mind of your own, share away in your comments below 🫶🏻

Happy moment capturing,




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