Teranka hotel Formentera- A new hotel & Nobu destination for 2022

Teranka hotel Formentera- A new hotel & Nobu destination for 2022

Formentera, you may have heard of this beautiful Spanish island before. It's a small island part of Spain’s Balearic islands in the Mediterranean Sea- known for its crystal clear waters and long stretches of beaches. It’s reachable by a 30 minute ferry ride from Ibiza and makes a popular summer day-trip or long weekend getaway.

I visited the new Teranka Formentera hotel a few days after it had opened it doors in July 2022. It was the opening weekend for their rooftop pop-up restaurant Nobu. Here's a bit more information about the hotel and my experience.

About Teranka Formentera Hotel

Teranka Formentera hotel opened in the summer of 2022. It's a luxury boutique hotel on the beautiful island of Formentera, located by one of Formenteras most picturesque beaches. The contrast between the green pines and the incredibly blue sea surrounded this beachside estate really brings the magic. It sparks a feeling of relaxation and ease.

It certainly is the apotheosis of a luxury barefoot lifestyle- which is something I love. Teranka is also home to a contemporary art scene with artwork covering the hotel walls. During my stay there was also talks about a sculpture park being implemented.

Wellness and nature is the language of Teranka Formentera hotel- which is right up my alley. They have dedicated beautiful areas for outdoor movement and also offer wellness rituals. Their two restaurants, Vert Mer and Nobu really impressed me, they offer culinary experiences with so many healthy options.



- 35 rooms and suites set across three buildings; Mar, Tierra, and Cielo

- A beautiful common pool located in a beautiful natural setting with day beds and cabanas

- A two minute walk from one of Formenteras best beaches

- An outdoor yoga area & open-air gym. The hotel offer wellness rituals and classes.

- Two world class restaurants that surely won't disappoint your taste-buds


If you are in for a gastronomic hotel experience- Teranka Formentera is for you. The hotel is home to two world class restaurants; Vert Mer and Nobu.

Vert Mer is situated on the first floor of Teranka Hotel in a beautiful garden setting - offering contemporary Mediterranean dining with dishes made to share. I was very impressed by the food at Vert Mer, and I can highly recommend it for a late lunch with family or loved ones.

Nobu restaurants is a famous chain of restaurants around the world, known for its delicious Asian fusion cuisine. It has been a favourite of mine for years. Nobu Formentera is located on Teranka hotel’s rooftop. During the opening event of Nobu Formentera we enjoyed Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s signature dishes whilst watching the magical sunset from the hotel's rooftop, accompanied by live music.

The gastronomic experiences Teranka offers bring a new level of luxury to the laid back island of Formentera. And it does so in a sophisticated way that blends right in with the theme of nature and tranquility.

Hotel Room

Our room at the hotel was luxurious with a theme of refined simplicity, which goes hand in hand what Formentera is all about. We had a large on sweet bathroom and a shower with views of the ocean. I love how this hotel has brought in so much inspiration from its location. You feel that you are exactly here. In Formentera. But you also gain an incredible boutique hotel experience.


The service at Teranka Formentera hotel was excellent. Lovely staff that really made us feel like part of a family rather than just guests. We also had opportunity to meet the Founder and his wife, a lovely French couple who were having lunch next to us. Speaking to them, we could really tell how much of their heart and soul they have poured into this hotel. 

Pros and Cons

Pro- Barefoot luxury lifestyle with pool and beach nearby, fantastic wellness facilities, and two amazing restaurants offering a true gastronomic experience. This hotel surely makes you want to extend your Formentera day trip from Ibiza to a long weekend.

Cons- There isn't an airport on Formentera so your travel time will be slightly extended as you need to catch a ferry from Ibiza to get here (or arrive by private boat). 

Book your stay 

Its always best to book your hotel stay directly through the hotel. This way you support the hotel more than using a third party operator- and you are more likely to score a better rate 😊 CLICK HERE TO VIEW WEBSITE

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