The best daytime experiences to enjoy in Mykonos

The best daytime experiences to enjoy in Mykonos

Mykonos is known to be a party island. But, there is so much more to this beautiful part of Greece. There is a beautiful charm in the granite rocky landscape, crystal clear waters to enjoy and the white and blue Greek architecture. Here are a few of my recommendations of things to do in Mykonos besides partying:

1. Stroll through Mykonos town

If you haven't been to Mykonos yet you will definitely be in awe by walking through Mykonos town. It feels like walking in the streets of a fairy-tale village. You can't drive in town but the narrow pebble-stone streets are home to beautiful shops and restaurants and is a beautiful place to get lost in by foot. And yes, you will get lost. It's part of the magic of Mykonos. The town was in fact built to confuse pirates and is made to be the perfect maze to roam around in for some hours. 

Many shops are closed in the morning so I recommend going in the afternoon or evening. You will find a variety of restaurants to enjoy for lunch or dinner; including fine dining places as well as small local tavernas and family owned restaurants with incredible Greek food. Make sure to check out the famous windmills of Mykonos and take a stroll through little Venice with all the beautiful seaside bars and restaurant venues. This area of town is beautiful at sunset.

Shopping in Mykonos town you can be sure to find many unique pieces from local talented designers. 

2. Boat tour to Delos island

Delos is a Greek island and archaeological site in the Aegean Sea, about 30 minutes away from Mykonos. It's the mythological birthplace of Apollo and his twin sister Artemis, son & daughter of the Greek Gods Zeus and Leto. Doing a guided tour on Delos will certainly give you an insight of Greek Mythology. Delos used to be the biggest commercial centre of the ancient world, and you can walk through the ruins where shops, markets, restaurants, clubs, gyms, banks and hotels used to be. It was the VIP island of the ancient world where people like Cleopatra and her husband had a house.

You can watch my blog video from a day at Delos island organized by Votsalaki resort by clicking here.

3. Boat day to Rinia island

Another beautiful day out at sea is to visit the island of Rinia. Rinia is known for its crystal clear waters and is a great place to snorkel and make the most of a day out at sea. Do check with wind conditions before you book your tour day as the less windy days definitely are more enjoyable out at sea.

4. Set Sail for a sunset sailing trip

Another beautiful wind-friendly day activity is to join an afternoon sailing trip. There are a few different companies that offer sailing experiences in Mykonos, including Nautilus Mykonos Sailing and Sail Aegan Mykonos. Enjoy jumping into the water, snorkeling and a sunset dinner onboard as you return back to the island. 

Watch my sailing experience organized by Votsalaki resort by clicking here.

5. Rent a jet-ski

Jet-skiing is a popular water sport activity in Mykonos and a fun way to spend one of your sunny Mykonos days.

6. Horseback riding

Mykonos Horseland offer really fun rides for more advanced riders and beginners and is an activity i highly recommend to fellow horse lovers. It's a great way to experience more of the the rocky landscape of Mykonos whilst connecting with these beautiful creatures.

7. Hiking

Mykonos does not have the biggest variety of Hiking, but there are a few lovely walks you can enjoy. Mykonos lighthouse is one of them. It's a popular spot for visitors to walk to and enjoy the sunset. Another favourite hike of mine is walking from Paradise Beach to Platys Gialos along the beach and rocky landscape.

I recommend installing the AllTrails app to discover more walks on the island. 

8. Beach day

There are not many beaches in Mykonos that you can enjoy without paying for a chair at a beach-club during the busy season. But if you want to just throw a towel down - Kapari beach is a beautiful place for juse this. This beach gets busy with both locals and visitors wanting to make the most of the day and is a popular place for skim-boarding and Stand Up Paddle-boarding.

if you want to visit a more tranquil beach club I recommend Hippie Fish in Agios Ioannis. Its a beautiful bohemian style beach club and restaurant owned by a local family. The food is fantastic, the beach is beautiful and the sunset here is spectacular and definitely worth waiting around for. 

I hope you enjoyed some of my daytime Mykonos recommendations! Comment some of your favourite experiences on the island!

Happy travels,

Camilla Akerberg 

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