Tulum Guide - Where to Eat in Tulum

Tulum Guide - Where to Eat in Tulum

Let’s talk about food! I have been living in Tulum for about 6 months now and have been finding some incredible spots to enjoy breakfasts, lunches and dinners. I am excited to share my favourite spots with you. 

There is a wonderful variety of restaurants in Tulum and the food here certainly won't disappoint! I think I have developed a ceviche and guacamole addiction being here haha. Price wise- Tulum is expensive compared to the rest of Mexico. Think New York/ Sydney prices to give you and idea. Especially if you are eating in one of the beach restaurants.

If you plan to stay in Tulum for some time- Chedraui is the largest supermarket in town that is reasonably priced for your grocery shopping. It's about a 15-20 minute drive from the beach. The taxi should cost 250 pesos. Negotiate before you jump in. The mini markets on the beach are overpriced. I also recommend checking out the Gypsea Market in La Veleta for all your health food specialties and supplements. Here you can find items that are other wise hard to find in Tulum.

Now- to the restaurants. First thing that is good to be aware of is that Tulum is a large place. Before I moved here I had the idea that I could walk from town to the beach and from the archeological beach to the hotel zone beach... not so much. And the traffic gets really bad in the evening so it will take you time to get from point A to B. Hence- I have grouped the restaurants to their area, as you might want to visit the restaurants close to where you are staying. 

LOCATION: Tulum Beach Hotel zone


Great for a beach lunch or dinner. Nomade often has live music playing-Thursday nights turns into a chilled Tulum dance vibe so I would recommend to book dinner or around 8.30. The whole cauliflower is incredible, the hummus is fantastic, and if you want a little treat after dinner- don't go past the chocolate lava cake.

Atmosphere: Tulum vibe. Bring a hat and a kimono haha. Shoes optional.


Tree House

Innovative delicious food. A lot of vegan friendly options. Their guacamole is incredible, but watch out in case you are not a fan of eating insects as they add this to some dishes. You can ask to have them on the side or leave them out. Book a table for a Tuesday or a Friday around 8.30 pm. This turns into a cool Tulum event with live music and dancing

Atmosphere: Dinner with friends, Tulum vibe so bring your hat


Hartwood restaurant

Hartwood is famous for its incredible food. It is slightly on the heavier side so arrive hungry. Book a table well in advance as the place is quite small and it gets busy.


Moro- Habitas Hotel restaurant

Another must visit place in Tulum, Habitas- not only because of its beauty, but it’s worth going to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

Atmosphere: relaxed Tulum vibe



The food here is of Greek/ Arabic cuisine. They have an excellent chef who has created the menu for a few top restaurants on Tulum Beach. Fresh beautiful produce cooked to perfection. I recommend the selection of dips- babaganoush, hummus and muhamara, the greek salad, the octopus was incredible, the zucchini and the catch of the day.

Atmosphere: Dinner with friends/ date. 


Real coconut- Sanara Hotels beach restaurant

This is a perfect place for breakfast/ brunch/ lunch or dinner. Incredible healthy food and drink options with beautiful flavors. I usually get the "all day breakfast bow"l and add eggs to it. It's quite expensive but worth a visit. They have an Indian dinner dining night too, see more on their website

Atmospere: Relaxed, you can walk up from the beach


Los bowls- Vegan bowls & smoothie bowls

This little gem is the cutest little cafe you will come across! Great for photos so take your camera along. The food here is healthy and divine. Great for breakfast or lunch. Not open for dinner.

Atmosphere: relaxed, I often come straight off the beach

Raw Love- Ahau Hotels Juice/ Smoothie bar

Perfect place for a breakfast or lunch smoothie or bowl, or simply a snack during the day. Their Frappuccino quickly became a morning addiction for me during my morning beach walks.

Atmosphere: Relaxed atmosphere on the sand

Wai Açaí - Acai and Mango bowls

This place is amazing for açai bowls. The açaí is a bit sweeter than the one in raw love, so depends what you prefer. I usually mix the mango with the acai and it’s amazing. Here you can build your own bowls which I think is great. Chose all your toppings. And they have the best kombucha!

Atmospere: Come as you are

Other restaurants in this area that are highly spoken of but I am yet to try:

Arca- hotel beach zone WEBSITE

Cenzontle- hotel beach zone MENU

LOCATION: Tulum Archeological beach

Maia Restaurant- Ikal hotel’s restaurant 

Great place for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Ikal is a really nice beach hotel in the Archeological beach side of Tulum. The restaurant Maia doesn’t disappoint either. Nice fresh salads, guacamole to die for, the fish of the day is always a winner plus the restaurant frequently has live music playing. 

Atmosphere: Relaxed, shoes are optional. We dine on the sand.


Casa Maria at Diamanté K hotel

This Mexican Cuisine restaurant is a hidden gem. I recommend going here for breakfast or lunch a taking your swimwear along to enjoy the private beach location. Gran your camera along. This spot is stunning.

Atmosphere: Relaxed


LOCATION: Aldea zama/ town area

Norita- Arthouse hotels restaurant 

Great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. One of my favorite restaurants in Tulum town area. Incredible healthy food and vegan options. Each dish is full of flavor and looks like a work of art!!! The internet speed here is great too so if you have work to catch up on I recommend spending a day here. 

Atmosphere: come as you are! Relaxed but dinner time can be a bit more classy- up to you. They also throw occasional events.


The rooftop at Layla hotel

Great for lunch or sunset dinner/drinks. This Moroccan style boutique hotel has a really nice rooftop restaurant. They are famous for their burgers but they have some really nice healthy dishes too. And the pool area won’t disappoint you. I really love their Brussel sprout salad with added falafels.

Atmosphere: Relaxed


Tierra Vegan Restaurant, Holistika

This wellness center does not disappoint with their incredible food. Why not join a ceremony or a yoga class before your meal. Holistika has one of the best wellness schedules in Tulum- and the place itself is a jungle maze worth to explore and the food is healthy and divine.

Atmospere: Yoga clothing welcome, come as you are


I hope that this can give you a good start to your Tulum trip planning!

Enjoy your meals,



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