12 tips on how to stay motivated to workout

12 tips on how to stay motivated to workout

Staying motivated is the key to succeeding in almost all areas of life. If we're not motivated, we're more likely to give up and neglect our goals- professional ones or personal ones. Sometimes it seems like people are especially quick to give up on their fitness goals as it is easily pushed to the side when life happens.

As humans, we tend to take care of loved ones better than ourselves. Self-love is not selfish. Remember this. Thake care of yourself and you will be a better person for ones around you.

We all go through ups and downs with how motivated we are. We have bad days and good days. It’s important to remember than this only makes us human. There are over 7 billion of us with this dilemma. I think the fundamental factor is, that when you do have an off day, this does not determine your actions from that point forward. You get up and keep on going.

I have phases when I’m not motivated at all- times when I need to really push through to get through what seems so simple. I think that’s the most annoying part actually; When you feel unmotivated the thought of doing things feel so simple that you get so disappointed at yourself when your actions just won’t keep up with it.

When it comes to your fitness and health goals- and staying motivated to go to the gym we need to realize is that being fit and healthy really isn’t a definite goal, but a journey, a continuum of making healthy choices (on average that is, sometimes cake and wine on just happens, and that’s okay too). So, you need to find your balance on where you are happy with yourself. as well as your drive to get back on track if you have a couple of lazy days.


Here are my top 12 tips on how to stay motivated to workout!


1Have a plan for the week and in the gym

Don’t just wing it. Have a plan. What is it you want to achieve this week? If you don’t have a gym plan- I have plenty here on my website, click on the MENU above.

The point is, that you should know what it is you are training each day, and when you walk into the gym, you should know what you are going to do there too.


 2. Consistency is the key! Make your training sessions into important appointments that are scheduled into your calendar.

You can even keep a log book and tick off your sessions as you consistently do them to visually see how you are performing each week. Keeping track of your goals and checking your progress can help keep you motivated. I tend to even hit the gym when I’m low on energy- I might not train as hard these sessions, but at least I am there, being consistent and not breaking my routine. Consistency is the key. I repeat, consistency is the key.


. Start the week off right

You might have heard me say on my Instagram- “Never skip your Monday workout”. This refers exactly to that. Sometimes, a planned active week can turn into a bit lazier than anticipated. Each day is a new chance to shine and to be consistent, and starting the week off in a healthy way can put a good spin on your motivation for the rest of the week.


4 . Give yourself breaks to help you reset

Sometimes even the most determined people need a break. Plan in to have a few days off.  Believe me, this can really help you pick up your motivation again to keep on going. Have a 4- 5-day break from training, get plenty of rest and then keep on going. Don’t let this be a weekly phenomenon, but understand that rest is part of the plan and sometimes you do really need it!

. Don't be too hard on yourself. Your goals and expectations should be realistic to what you can do.

Remember that we are all different. What I do might not necessarily be optimal for your lifestyle. Your training plan should be realistic to what you can keep up with. And remember that everyone falls short sometimes. If you fail to meet your goals for the week, keep on going.

For me, I find it helpful to keep the routine up even if I feel like I don’t have any energy to train. Instead of skipping gym altogether I will do an alternative training session that requires less energy, like training shoulders and abs instead of legs.


6. Quotes, Sayings, motivational books and other inspirational influences around you.

 Stay motivated by reading books about self- development, listen to podcasts, have pep talks with your friends and read through some of your favourite quotes, or look at motivational videos online for workout inspiration.


. Spend less time stressing that you aren’t doing it and go out and do it

Identify things that's causing you to delay your workout. Spend less time on your phone, or whatever it is you do too much and more time following your plan.


8. Hold yourself accountable by telling other people what you are doing

Tell your friends and family about things you plan on doing and achieving. If you don't do these things, they'll know, and this will give you an extra kick in the butt to keep on going. Even posting about your journey on social media can be very confronting and really does help you stick to your regime.


. Train first thing in the morning- before your brain figure out what you are doing

If you are a person that tends to make other plans and get too busy to make it to the gym- wake up earl and train before you have time to change your mind about it.


. Get a Personal Trainer

Keeping someone else accountable for your actions also help. A personal trainer will not only make sure you perform exercises safely- but keep you accountable to turn up and push you to get the most out of your sessions


11. Mix it up and keep it interesting

Feeling super unmotivated for your workouts? Maybe you need more variation in your program. Do a new class of some sort instead of your usual session. Try yoga, spinning or go for a run. Even book in a fitness retreat to help you pick up your healthy habits again!


. Maybe she is born with it- maybe it’s caffeine

Let’s be honest- I love my coffee an this sometimes can really help me on days I feel sluggish and unmotivated! A morning almond milk piccolo can make me feel alert, oriented, and focused. Remember, only you know where to draw the line in terms of dosage when it comes to coffee- so listen to your body! It might not be for you- one person's typical morning shot might make another jittery and unfocused all day. Also, be careful with other powerful stimulants unless prescribed by a doctor


Camilla xx


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