Raw Vegan Matcha Cake Recipe

Raw Vegan Matcha Cake Recipe

If you love Matcha, you are going to love this recipe. I made this matcha cake it initially for my partner's birthday, and we have loved it so much that I now continuously make batches to store in the freezer to take out as a small bite snack or serve to guests as dessert.

What is Matcha?

Matcha is a a finely ground powder traditionally consumed in East Asia. It's made from specially grown and processed green tea leaves. Due to the processing it's slightly higher in caffeine and antioxidants than regular green tea and offers numerous health benefits. According to research, matcha powder may help reduce heart disease risk, aid your memory and attention and can also be a tool for weight management amongst other potential health benefits.

The Recipe

Due to the high calorie content in the recipe ingredients (nuts and dates), it's important to be mindful about your portion sizes. But as it's a raw vegan cake that you keep in the freezer, it's easy to cut into portions and store for days to come. If you plan to have it as a dessert or to enjoy late in the afternoon/ evening, you may want to choose a decaffeinated matcha powder option.


Makes a large batch

400 g pecans

600 g pitted dates

400 g cashews

1/2 can of coconut cream

1 tablespoon matcha powder (if you plan to have this treat in the evening, you may want to choose a decaffeinated option)

1- 2 cups of oat milk (or other milk alternative of choice)

1/2 cup squeezed lemon or lime juice

Stevia for sweetening (or other sweetener of choice)- I usually don't sweeten mine as the coconut cream has a sweet taste, but up to you


1. Place your cashews in fresh water and let them soak for 30 minutes to and hour.

2. Pour your pecan nuts into a blender and blend until they are cut into small pieces (I like leaving it quite rough). Place your pecans into a large bowl once completed.

3. Place your pitted dates into a blender and add 1/2 cup oat milk and blend until smooth. Depending on your dates you may need more/less milk. Take out the thick, smooth date mixture and place into your bowl with the pecan nuts.

4. Mix the dates mixture and the blended pecan nuts by hand. This should become a thick mass that will be used as your cake base. Let it sit in the fridge while you prepare the top part of the cake.

5. Remove the water from your soaked cashew nuts. Place the cashews in your blender. Add coconut cream and the rest of your milk. Blend.

6. Once the mixture is starting to become smoother, add your lemon or lime juice and your matcha powder.

7. Blend until smooth and add sweetener if you feel it needs it. Now your top cake mixture is done.

8. Find a large deep dish and place your pecan- date mix into it. Press the mixture to cover the whole bottom surface to create your cake base. I like keeping the base mixture at a thickness of up to 1 cm, so you may want to choose your dish accordingly.

9. Pour your matcha mixture on top to cover your base. Place in freezer. After 4-5 hours you can cut the cake up into small serving size bites.

10. Keep your cake in the freezer and take out to enjoy a bite as you please. Enjoy!

Hope you enjoy this matcha cake as much as I do 

Bon apetit,



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