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About Camilla Akerberg

As a photographer, Camilla specialises in content development within the lifestyle and tourism sector. She has years of experience in working with brands including hotels/ resorts/ villas/ high end real estate agencies and concierge companies as well as tourism boards and adventure companies around the world. 

Camilla is based between Mexico and Spain and available for work internationally. She was born in Finland and lived a part of her life with a base in Australia. She has also lived in Indonesia, Greece, Portugal and Italy. She is the definition of a global citizen.

At university Camilla studied Environmental Science with majors in Eco-tourism & Marine Science. Nature & sustainability sits close to her heart and she loves working with companies & brands that put emphasis towards sustainable practices- whether it's a product, development, hotel, resort or other establishment. She is a PaDI Divemaster & an eager free diver. Her background also lays within the wellness sector. After university she furthered her studies in nutrition and wellness. Fitness, yoga, physical movement & making healthy decisions is part of her personal daily practices and she love celebrating a healthy lifestyle in content she produce. 

Her Luxury Travel Accommodation production company produce creative, strategic media for hotels and other travel establishments/ travel agencies / tourism boards/ real estate agencies and concierge companies that aligns with the brands vision to capture the attention of the target audience. Camilla's degree in tourism and work with social media marketing in fusion with her skills as a photographer and videographer and expertise in post production sets the perfect foundation for engaging visual media. 

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