About Camilla Akerberg

Camilla Akerberg is a citizen of the world, calling both Spain & Mexico (Ibiza & Tulum) home while traversing the globe for both photography projects and leisure. Born in Finland and having established roots in Australia, she's lived in diverse locales including Indonesia, Greece, Portugal, and Italy, embodying the essence of a global citizen.

With a university education in Environmental Science, specializing in Eco-tourism & Marine Science, Camilla's passion for nature and sustainability runs deep. A PaDI Divemaster and avid free diver, she actively champions sustainable practices and enjoys partnering with like-minded companies.

Beyond her environmental studies, Camilla's journey has led her into the realm of wellness. Post-university, she delved into nutrition, yoga, and wellness coaching, leading retreats worldwide. While an injury shifted her focus, yoga and physical movement remain integral to her daily life, reflected in her commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle through her creative content.

A dedicated artist since childhood, Camilla draws comfort from her creative endeavors. Her expertise lies in architectural/interior, aerial, and travel photography. She shares her captivating work on both her business Instagram accounts and her personal, widely followed account, which offers glimpses into her life and professional projects (@camilla_akerberg). Brands seeking exposure often enlist her to create compelling visual content showcased on these platforms.

As the founder of Luxury Travel Accommodation, Camilla's production company crafts creative and strategic media for venues including hotels, resorts, villas, real estate, travel agencies, tourism boards, and concierge companies. With a keen focus on social media-centric content, Camilla helps businesses captivate their target audience. Her background in tourism, coupled with expertise in social media marketing, photography, videography, and post-production, forms the cornerstone of her engaging visual media offerings.

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