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5 training tips for growing your booty

Without a doubt, the having a good booty is one of the most desired fitness goals for women. There is great controversy surrounding the best way to train the glutes for growth and improved development and function.


1. Your glutes contain both slow- and fast-twitch muscle fibres that should be trained with a variety of rep ranges

Several studies have examined the muscle fibre type percentage of the gluteus maximus and have concluded that our glutes are in fact made up of a combination of slow and fast-twitch muscle fibres. Fast-twitch muscle fibres are best trained with heavy weights and a low rep range. But, as the gluteus maximus is not primarily a fast twitch muscle, both higher reps (with less weight) and lower reps (with more weight) should be performed when training the glutes for increasing muscular hypertrophy.

2. Squats alone will not target the best glute development- variation will!

All this fuss about squats needed to build a booty. With a lower back injury, heavy squats is something I have stayed away from for years. And in fact- the squat does not activate our glutes to the highest degree compared to many other glute exercises. Squats are a great exercise, but they will not alone maximize glute development. Conclusion- add variation to your program! Include hip thrusts, back extensions with glute squeeze and donkey kicks etc.


3. Train glutes multiple times per week!

The gluteus maximus is on average, the largest muscle in the body, and it can handle a lot of volume and frequency. I recommend training the glutes 3 times per week when trying to grow a booty, and I find training glutes when they are sore makes me activate them more too.


4. Variety is necessary- perform both compound and isolation workouts!

The gluteus maximus contains three anatomical subdivisions that function differently from one another and the upper and lower gluteus maximus also activate uniquely during exercise. Whilst squats and lunges work the lower gluteus maximus well, lying hip abductions work the upper gluteus maximus.

There are in addition to that three primary mechanisms of muscular hypertrophy: mechanical tension, metabolic stress and muscle damage. Different exercises target these mechanisms in different extent. So, in conclusion- add a variety of compound and isolation exercises to your booty plan for best results.


5. Focus on the form before increasing weight load.

In order to ensure optimal booty development, you need to make sure your form is correct and that your glutes are activated during the various glute exercises. Focus on perfecting your form first as this itself will add intensity to your training and will decrease the risk of injury- then add more weights.


Camilla xx
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